Scope of Activities:

Manufacturing Of Wet Wipes Machines And Packaging Machines:
As Temcon Converting Machinery:

   ·         Our company,which is active in the machine sector,produces safe products using materials in CE standards.

    ·         Providing accurate timely,cost-effective,fast and qualified service by valuing customer satisfaction,request and expectations.

·         We will evaluate the experience, effort, knowledge, feelings and thoughts of all employees with a participatory management approach.

·         We will improve our employees Occupational Health and Safety and Environment and Quality awareness.

·         We believe that we will be involved in the development of the OHS consciousness of interested parties.

·         We monitor the hazards associated with Occupational Health and Safety,we will make every effort to minimize them.

·         Working in compliance with legal condition and legislation.

·         To be a constantly developing company by making use of international standards.

·         We will adapt the philosophy and systems of continious improvement of our management system in all processes and we will continiously improve our efficiency and include all personnel.

·         To provide continuous improvement in all our implementation activities.

·         Use the appropriate technology to keep environmental impacts under control and minimize risks.

·         Continue to improve environmental performance by following and adapting to legal, international legislation and customer requirements to prevent environmental pollution.

·         We are committed to meeting the needs and expactations of our customers in accordance   with the requirements of Management Systems by following the same technological innovations in the world simultaneously with our managament team and educated contemporary personnel.



                                                                                                                              ERDAL TEMEL