All the belts are antibacterial (FDA approved)

Servo controlled horizontal welding

Servo controlled vertical welding on top

Preheating before horizontal welding

The heating system is effecting the speed of the machine and the quality of welding. Also some of the foil needs high temperature to weld. The high temperature is dangerous of risk of fire therefore we use pre-heating discs to prevent this. 

Accumulator conveyor

The accumulator conveyor is providing accurate spacing between the product for jaws. That make accurate cutting length and good pack shape.

Product height adjuster

            Standart: Manual

            Automatic: Optional (servo controlled)

The height adjustment is important issue for production and down time. We advise to have automatic height adjustment for high volume production. We know the time is important. To save time on set-up automatic adjustment is recommended.

Easy synchronisation for product pushing

Products touching surfaces are 316 l

For the hygiene purpose the products touching surfaces must be 316L instead of 304. This is effecting the price of the machine but hygiene first.

Double labelling system

Double labelling system is needed for continuous production. We use two labelling machine to save time and smooth production. In some case 3rd labelling unit is need for the security sticker. For low volume production 3rd unit is not necessary.

Double foil unit

Double foil unit as important as double labelling system for production. That’s save time during foil reels change. For high volume production auto-splice is advised.

Auto splice between foil reels

            3rd labeller is optional

Coder (Optional)

            Inject or thermo coder

Coder must have option on production of wet wipes as date and batch number must printed on the pack. Depends on product that could be inject or thermal coder. In the wet wipes production thermal coding preferred due to used chemicals.

Web Guides for foil. (Optional)

Web guides is an option but high speed and high volume production is advised. The web guides keeps the foil on the same direction all the time. If good set is made by operator then web guides is not needed.

Die cut punch after labelling.

Die cut unit is making small hole on the foil to take the wipes out of the pack. This is one of the most critical units. If the cutting is not perfect then when the customer opens the pack may have problem. In some case not opened or tearing the material. It needs very accurate adjustments. Our die cut unit is one best known brand in the world.

The die cut application made after labelling operation.


Machine Dimension

Width                         Length                                    Height                         Weight

3200mm                      8240mm                                  2235mm                      `3200 kg

Roll                             : 2

Dimension of Label Reels

Max Width     Min Length    Max Diameter            Max Label                  Max Speed

100mm            10mm              300mm                        300 label/min               30m/min

Dimensions of Foil/Laminate Reels

            Max Width     Min Width     Max Diameter

            550mm            140mm            500mm

Dimensions of products

Max Width     Min Width     Max Length   Min Length    Max Height    Min Height    

150mm            55mm              450mm            70mm              120mm            10mm


Usable core Diameter

            Standard         :  76mm


            Pack/min         : 80

            Meter/min        : 30-35

Air Pressure   :6-8 bar




Electronic – Pneumatic Servo driven



Cutting speed             

80 cut/min depends on product


Crush cut by disc blade (Dienes)


Automatic feed to lid applicator or boxing

Spliced of foil             


Control system           

Motion and PLC

PLC language

As per customer request. English standard

Pneumatic system           

SMC (Japan)

Machine Dimension      

3200 mm x 8240 mm x2235mm        


4200 Kg

Number of Line           


Product Width           

90 mm - 180 mm

Max. reel dia  

550 mm



Product height           


Core diameters           


Stack minute              

up to 100

Linear speed              


Servos & Drives           

Sigmatek or as customer request


380 V AC 50 Hz 30 Amp 25 Kw

Operating Air

6-8 Bar

Air consumption           

1000 – 1500 nominal V/min

Format change           

depends on format, up to 30 min



Web guide, Coder, 3rd labeller




Electrical Comp


Siemens Schneider